essential oils and medical flowers herbsAromatherapy is a gentle healing art using massage and scented essential oils derived from aromatic plants and trees to relieve physical and psychological discomfort and to promote health of body and calmness of mind.

There are many benefits of Aromatherapy massage, both physical and emotional, as well as spiritual and energetic. On a physical level, the different massage strokes used during the massage can help relieve pain, increase circulation of the blood and lymph, help to eliminate toxins from the body and ease fatigued, tense muscles. On an emotional level, the mind and emotions are calmed, and a deep sense of relaxation is felt.

Using a specific blend of essential oils chosen to suit the client’s needs, this makes this treatment a truly wonderful, relaxing experience, promoting healing of the mind, body and spirit.


Back, neck and shoulder massage – £26.00

Full body massage – £42.00

Aromatherapy Indulgence – £50.00